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Silly Gilly

A Blog which details new info from the Silly Gilly children's accessories store. Also lots of info about crafting, sewing, op-shopping and family life.

The Harp Lounge

The Harp Lounge is made of little blasts from the past, shiny things found in op shops, and a 1940s-50s aesthetic frenzy! I live in Canberra, Australia and I try to have a local focus when looking at vintage things. I also play the harp and like finding old advertising featuring harps.

Simply Living Modestly

Living life without too many takeaways, and fresh country air. We preserve our food when we have the time and are on the lookout for interesting ingredients. Some of our meals are meatless. Other simple living subjects covered.

pyglet whispers

kids, craft and the usual chaos

Down to Earth

simple living, organic gardening, aquaponics, home, green cleaning, baking, preserving, cooking, frugal living, thrift

Down to Earth

simple living, frugal, thrift, organic gardening, aquaponics, preserving,


craft blog maintained by an eccentric, gin drinking, teacup collecting, bartending lady.....

contemporary vintage and nostalgic new

a blog about our store, our life, our kids, our love of baking, our obsession with vintage kids books.. and tales of country road trips and op-shop finds and crafty things too

YahYah Creations, messy hands and a little string of words.

Indie, arty, ideas, mini stories, zines, swaps, thrift goodies.


documenting the fibre habit
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