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The Dinner Table

Life of a graduate student in Perth

The Wandering Gourmet

The Wandering Gourmet is an international social club based in Perth, Western Australia. The Wandering Gourmet is interested in food, culture, travel and making new friends and strengthening existing relationships with each other.

The most realistic story ever told

Personal blog where I blog about personal things. Not personal in the sense of not wanting people to know them, more that they're generally things that happen to or on/around my person. This is way too difficult a question.

Not all who wander are lost...

A blog by an american transplanted in Perth, soon to move to Melbourne


Help Move Karina from Sydney to Brisbane. And share her journey.


Mother to three, wife to one, hag-ridden gorgon to many. I work full-time and cope part-time and cook, drink, knit and swear in between. Games of Root Shoot Marry are hosted on my blog every Friday night that I don't start drinking too early.

The Dreaming Track - a trail better blazed than followed

Uplifting travel journalism, video and photography covering events, culture and natural landscapes of Australia and Asia. Harimau and Evenstar roam the globe in search of stories and visual feasts to make you feel good.

Travel Blog for Aussies

Local and international travel news with a particular focus for the Aussie traveller, offering travel tips, quirky facts, fun websites, and a general resource where Aussie travellers can obtain and share news.

Sand Traveller: mountains to the ocean. Travel and environment.

Travel around Australia, South East Asia and commentary and articles about the environment we all share - whether we like it or not.
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