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WattsHerArt? Blog

Reviews of flash animations, web toons, hand-drawn, 2-D, 3-D and claymation from film, dvd, cable, TV and the web.

Va Va Voom

Humour, ramblings and other tidbits.

Bland Canyon

Life in the fast aisle - ravings and whingeing from a 25 year old Adelaide girl who spends way too much surfing the internet and watching TV (not to mention the supermarket)

Stu's Rants Digital Media and IT Community is a Digital Media and IT related community, offering articles and forums dedicated to the telecommunications, VOIP, Digital TV/iTV/IPTV, Mobile, Broadband, and software development industry.

The thoughts and activities of an Australian, working as an actor and performer in Hong Kong.

Modia Minotaur

Trawling the airwaves to spare you the agony!

Tech and the City

A quirky look at how technology is changing our lives, work, and the rules for everyday behaviour.

The Spin Starts Here

We're a couple of opinionated chicks who are happy to find a forum to give our $0.02. This includes - but is not limited to - the stupidity of Americans, popular culture, politics and the stupidity of people in general. Sam is a Tory Bitch and Caz is a Socialist Criminal. The original odd couple! Although Hannity and Colmes we are not. #insensitive_bitches? You bet your arse.

Sailing Close tot he Wind

An occasional blog ruminating on the good ship Earth and all who sail in her.
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