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Blog [dot] Mick's World

Enter the views, thoughts and opinions that is Mick's World.

Michael Efford's Journal

Esoteric thoughts and photos from a travelling, soul seeking designer.


Random outings from a chaotic mind

kay lives here

Kay is a web developer in Perth, Western Australia. She rants here, mostly about ColdFusion and Fusebox, when the mood takes her, which as you can see is not all that often.

enter the goatlady

neither my first nor only blog; a place to be myself and post all the weirdo stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

zombiecoder kay

an oddly-named blog about web-building with standards in mind

girl who gigs

Tech and the City

A quirky look at how technology is changing our lives, work, and the rules for everyday behaviour.

Mathew Patterson's

Mathew Patterson's personal website - Sydney based web designer on the blog about online and offline business, travel, funny stuff. Now with whole grain and low GI.

Starting an Australian Web Design Business

Mathew Patterson's blog about starting up a web design business in Sydney, Australia. Plans, schemes, dream, hits and misses.
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