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Benjamin Tollady Design

Benjamin Tollady is a freelance web designer & usability consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. I make simple, creative, usable interfaces and websites that conform to web standards.

Man with no Blog

Web design, development, standards and accessibility issues from Gary Barber, with a smattering of Coldfusion, JavaScript and CSS for good measure

Velvet Unravelled

Velvet Sarah writes about tech, the web, and occasionally life in a country town.

The Pencil Guy: Hourann's illogical blog

The occasionally bizarre, sometimes political, and often crazy rantings of a West Australian university student, Mac user, and open-source geek.

RMW Web Publishing

Milestones for a small Western Sydney (Seven Hills) based web development company.

Blog [dot] Mick's World

Enter the views, thoughts and opinions that is Mick's World.

Nick Cowie

the ravings of one Nick Cowie on web standards, accessibility and such like with a bias toward Government web sites

Matt Didcoe

a weblog that rambles about PHP, Rails, MySQL & Standards as well as everyday life.

zombiecoder kay

an oddly-named blog about web-building with standards in mind
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