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ZigoZago's blog where I share all things knitting and sewing.


Zanz hand dyed - Hand dyed yarn - wool, cotton, bamboo and more; Hand dyed cotton material - aprons, socks, bags. Hand knit baby and children's clothing including longies and soakers. All selling at

socks alive

A small Tasmanian business socking it to the world. Keeping the wolf from the door manufacturing Mongrel Socks. Making gorgeous pure wool wild multi-coloured socks, possum/merino socks, our own Mongrel Tasmanis brand of Pure wool Arm and Leg Warmers. Branching out in to fine pure cotton space dyed socks, still with lot's of fun multi-colour going on. Working to live not living to work, but aiming to run a good honest business. Where customers can find what they want, get what they pay for, and be confident we're a BS free zone. All because we like to sleep at night.

sheeps clothing - news from the flock

news, views and reviews from the creator of the Sheeps Clothing range of hand knitted accessories

sheeps clothing - news from the flock

news and views from the creators of the Sheeps Clothing range of pure wool hand knitted accessories.

Socks for Feet

Talk about real foot comfort, Pure wool socks that give warmth, durability and comfort. You will never leave home with out your socks on again
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