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Short Stories Posted Weekly

Short stories written fresh each week and delivered straight to the web.


Mother to three, wife to one, hag-ridden gorgon to many. I work full-time and cope part-time and cook, drink, knit and swear in between. Games of Root Shoot Marry are hosted on my blog every Friday night that I don't start drinking too early.

Museum of Fire

Dictated by happenstance and other elements outside my control: the realm of the incidental, the occasional, and the undernourished.

Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum

The title pretty much says it all!

The Writers Manifesto Blog

A blog designed to help you make money by writing. Contains many useful resources and hints, as well as articles and more.

walking and falling

jenjen walks around, hitch-hikes to places, writes things down, occasionally falls over.

Rebecca James

mother of four boys writes about the joys of being a less-than-perfect parent, books, writing and the sometimes excruciating journey to publication....

the ramblings of L.M.Noonan artist + writer

painting sculpture photography writing digital art journal

Little Lead Pencil

A blog of dreary proportions; dull, uninteresting and Adelaidean.


snarking my head off - refined and random rantings on topics diverse, inane and plentiful
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