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Scribe's Writing Desk

An Australian writer of children's chapter books shares her writing tips and resources, and her journey to publication.


An Australian blog


Sarsaparilla is a group blog devoted to discussing books, writing, film and television, theatre and the performing arts, music, publishing, the humanities, reading, cultural studies, and

Random Brainwave

the crack addled ramblings of a psycopathic alcoholic

adelaide sprawls: a blogopera

blogopera: it's fiction with a touch of fact

Temporal Island

I've moved from Down South to the beachside suburbs of Perth. Where will I find a decent friand? My temporal island is slowly sinking but I'm afloat.

Mighty Pen, Plastic Sword

A less than salubrious collection of thoughts from a man best described as less than salubrious.

Just another web/blog space; originally established years ago.

Trevor Hampel

This blog is about writing, books, reading, life as a writer and hints and tips about writing. It includes examples of my writing.


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