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Sugar Spice Nice Homewares & Soft Furnishings

Do you feel you always select the wrong colour homewares, can just never find the right gift, or maybe just not sure about shopping online, well thats what Sugar Spice Nice Homewares has been created for. I pride myself on being your online shopping friend. I am always adding new products to my range! PLUS you can rest assured that I am here to help with your needs. So if you are looking for a second opinion or want some advice just contact me and I will be only to happy to discuss your decorating concern. Sugar Spice Nice is a small Aussie Owned Home Based Business.

AccWeb - Accounting Blog for Australian Accountants

Collaboration Tools for the Australian Public Accountant Every day, accountants in public practice are faced with an ever-increasing array of products, services and experts, not to mention changes to our environment, including tax laws, human resourcing constraints and rapidly evolving technologies. AccWeb is focused on providing the enabling technologies so that 'forward thinking' accounting professionals can share information and make informed and intelligent choices on the goods, services and membership arrangements that they purchase.

Little Pixie Gifts Gift Blog

Offering news, tips and product reviews of baby gifts and the gift industry. Also specific news pertinent to Little Pixie Gifts, the online baby gift delivery service.

Even It Up!

Even It Up! questions and challenges the hiring practices and techniques of Australian employers and recruitment companies. It is a companion to the Even It Up! website which aims to shift the balance for jobseekers.

Online Shopping Guide for Mums

Read the latest discount, bargain & shopping alerts updated daily to help you save money and find what you want when shopping online. Shop online in hundreds of online stores listed in our online stores directory. Be educated on online shopping in Australia, helping you feel more confident when shopping online. Saving you Money, Time and Sanity - Everything Mums Want in a shopping experience.

Gold as an investment | gold coins and bars online

Gold as an investment - this is the topic of my blog. In times of a financial crisis people ask themselves how and where to get their money into safety. Shall I buy gold bars or coins? What about taxes, transportation and insurance? Where can I buy gold online? What about diamonds as an investment? How is the current gold price and what are the precious metal prospects?

"Maximum Results Copywriting"

Tips, techniques and strategies in direct response copywriting and marketing to help business owners (and copywriters) get more clients, make more sales and put more cash in their pocket. Kevin Francis is a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist based in Sydney, Australia.

Get Yourself a Life Coach

Angela Pollicino is a qualified coach, motivational speaker, NLP Practitioner and director of Leading Life. She writes practical articles and tips for those interested in personal growth and improving their mental attitude for success. Her tele-coaching classes offer an affordable and ongoing alternative to private coaching for the budget conscious.

Eskae Jeweller Blog

Keep up to date with what is hot and happening with ESKAE JEWELLER! Find out how we are meeting and surpassing all our clients needs and wants with our jewellery design and craftsmanship, all about why certain diamonds and coloured gemstones are more valuable than others, and how we are delivering the best level of service, making you feel like a king or queen. You will also learn about how to have jewellery custom crafted just for you, all the benefits and why it is such a personalised craft.

FMCG Blog - News and Views from FMCG

FMCG Blog is a place for news and views on the state of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business in Australia. My definition of FMCG are any goods sold in a supermarket, your may be different and I am happy to accept that. We try and break the news not just repeat it and we are working on a forum to give our readers plenty of opportunity to express their own opinions and views on the FMCG market.
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