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Automotive Repair Manual

The Detroit Iron Information System is a series of CD's, that feature original vintage American Automotive Repair Manuals. Vehicles from the early 30's through to the early 80's are included. Detroit Iron Information Systems took the original factory Automotive Repair Manuals and parts books, which are in poor condition and often hard to find, digitally enhance them and made them available on CD's. They are compatible with Microsoft computer systems. These Automotive Repair Manuals are a perfect gift for any classic American car enthusiast.

virtual assistant blog

A blog for those wishing to work from home as a virtual assistant, in this booming industry

Traffic on Maine

A blog for people interested in PR, marketing, media and all things communications.

Dollars & Sense

Many times I have found that people have questions that only need a short reply, but not knowing where to access the correct information and thinking that contacting a professional would be a pricey over-kill, stops them from getting an answer. The accounting and taxation industry is a labyrinth of information, much of which may not be relevant to you… but some of it may be! By publishing various ’snippets’ in a blog format, it may provide the very thing you were looking for and give you a lead to obtaining further information.

The Hub

This is the hub for all of the blogs. All will be posted here, when other blogs from adsonvids are updated, when we have a specific blog post to which we want to draw your attention, or when there is special news for you from adsonvids.
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