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Rosies Stuff n Sew

Rosies Stuff N Sew is devoted to crafting and exploring the world of costuming. Here you will find: >lace >millinery >highlights of local events in the ACT Region (Australia) >fabric finds >sewing pattern reviews >historical references to clothing and hair styles.

Mike Ideas

Awesome Ideas for your Awesomazing world

The Fun House

The Fun House is a storyboard full of fun stuff for big kids and little kids alike. Each month we showcase a different theme and include the coolest toys, funky fashion, urban art, innovative design and entertaining websites from around the globe.

Defamer Australia

Where the bloody hell am I? You're at the Australian version of popular US showbiz blog Defamer! Think of us as a kind of bastard child the original North American Defamer unknowingly conceived after a brief and ill-advised conjugal visit to an airplane toilet with a fame-obsessed Qantas flight attendant. Indeed! Exactly what sort of stuff will you be banging on about at Defamer Australia?
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