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Common SEO Mistakes
Is your website not doing as well as you had hoped? While the reasons behind a failing website can be numerous, there are a lot of common mistakes that are made in SEO that contribute to low rankings. Here are some of the mistakes that you as a webmaster may be making and ways to improve your site.

One of the biggest problems that contribute to sites with low traffic is failing to produce those that are easily crawled. You can create some of the best content out there but if it is too difficult to find, crawl and index then it is going to be no use at all. Have a look through your website to make sure you can reach all of your pages by using the links.

Making it easy for users to find your site is just as important. Another common mistake is using words that are not going to be searched for by users. Keyword research is important in SEO and choosing the wrong ones can significantly damage your potential for a successful site. Once you find the ideal keywords, use them effectively being careful not to over stuff them into your content.

Creating the right content should be your top priority. Often SEO professionals get too caught up in link building that the quality of the content gets overlooked. While you want to make it easy for search engines, your goal is to produce something that is going to be useful for your users.
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