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Online Competitions

Online Competitions from Australia, UK and USA. All brought together in the one spot. All competitions are free to enter. Prizes include Cars, Cash and Holidays. Click to start winning now.

slugs and snails and puppy dog tails

An honest mother's account of the struggles and triumphs that come with raising two wild little boys.

Syneka Marketing - Strategic, Creative, Digital, Social Media Marketing

At Syneka Marketing we believe that success starts with strategy. We are a full service marketing agency based in Melbourne, with clients located across Australia and Internationally. We have helped many businesses and organisations uncover new opportunities and develop ongoing growth. Syneka Marketing's Directors Alex Makin and Natalia Perera share their insights on marketing and communications, events they attended and commentary on managing a growing business.

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Designs by Simone

Based in sunny Perth, Western Australia, Designs by Simone creates unique handmade cards, as well as custom designs by request, for all occassions. Each card is individually designed and hand crafted using various paper crafting techniques including rubber stamping, paper piecing and heat embossing. For more information or to contact me please visit my blog on the link below.

The Soundtrack 2 My Life

For those who forever have a song in their head; For those who music is an integral part of their lives and for those who just like to listen- why not join the conversation about the soundtrack to your life!

Eco News

Eco News provides “as it happens” news articles, from an Australian perspective. Make it your daily source of environmental information. It is free to subscribe.

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Car Loan World

At Car Loan World, our goal is simple, to find you the best car loans from our panel of Australian Car Financiers. We provide assistance on car loans for everyone, such as helping you find the cheapest car loan, providing information on the car loan approval process, car loans for bad credit and low doc car loans. You can compare car loans quickly and easily with all the features you want to see right there next to each other. That way you get the information you want, and the deals on offer to find the Car Loan you’re after without sifting through pages and pages of useless promotional materials. All you need to do is fill in a simple form, and we will do the rest. Contact us today to work out what are the best car loan repayments are for your situation. We can assure you that we will work for you to get you the lowest repayments possible. We are also here to inform you about all the offers in this industry. Why? Because we are passionate about helping people make sure they don’t waste their money on things like interest. Our free educational articles and tips and guides are here to help you learn more about how to control your spending, save money, eliminate debt and more.

Results Easy-Smarter small business marketing blog

The smarter small business marketing blog has regular useful and practical articles to help small businesses avoid and fix common marketing problems.

MLM is changing, are you keeping up with the modern MLM?

This is a very lucritive business opportunity, and I have proven methods of building your business to heights you have only dreamt of. For more information go to and find my contact details.

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Car Loans Guide

Our Car Loans Guide provides all of the relevant ins and outs of the Australia car finance industry. We delve deep in to topics including things like: * What is the benefit of taking a Chattel mortgage versus a Consumer Loan? * Why take a fixed rate versus a variable rate car loan? * How to compare car loans? * How to secure the best car loan rate? We have over 30 topics and are regularly contributing. If you have a great question for our car loans team, let us know and we will endeavour to answer it!

GDR Distributions

GDR is a boutique marketing agency and strategy management firm in Sydney that works closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of your marketing campaign from concept to design, flyer printing, letterbox distribution, planning, targeting the correct demographic, researching, reporting and ultimately distribution of your message is effective and powerful.

The Brave Discussion

The Brave Discussion is a community of mum bloggers who share stories of inspiration,and take social justice campaigns to their own blogs

Slow Your Home

Create the simpler life you want by living with less. I am on a mission: To help you slow down, decide what's important and live a life of contentment, mindfulness and joy. Simple living can give you all that and more!

Cushion Spot

We specialise in unique Australian designer cushions created by talented textile designers who use only superior quality fabrics. We also offer a select range of scatter cushions, floor cushions, outdoor cushions, pouffes and bean bags.

Turu Holiday Parks Travel Blog

The Turu travel blog details the tales of numerous travelers across Australia. Specializing in Budget accommodation and travel, the blog documents peoples road trips, little known destinations, and camping guides.

Superannuation Blog was established as a means of sharing superannuation knowledge with readers. It contains articles on various aspects of superannuation. Given the complexity of superannuation, Superannuation Blog aims to simplify it by providing free education and information on matters associated with the management of your superannuation for your retirement. With all the changes and new initiatives put in place by the government, we will be providing updates on its impact as it occurs.

Fox Marketing Blog

Helping you learn more about online marketing strategies to increase business exposure and convert visitors into customers. Marketing tips, tools and news for small to medium-sized businesses from Fox Marketing agency. The marketing help you need.

Pensioner Loans Assistance

Pensioner Loans Assistance is a online resource to help Australian seniors with their money matters. We provide information on how and where to get pensioner loans (bad credit and/or without credit checks), budgeting, getting out of debt, establishing savings and finding deals specific to seniors.

Sugar and Ash Online Vintage

“I love you in that dress!” my best friend declared as we embraced and air kissed our way into an old school mate’s 30th birthday party. “Aw, thanks, love” I smiled, “but I’m afraid this might be it’s last night out – it’s gone from awesome to totally flawsome. See the run? I caught my bracelet on my sleeve!” I was in a state. One sleeve was now sadly decorated with a fraying ladder. Damn that bracelet. And damn my favourite dress for breaking up with me. “Hey, I know, why don’t we rip the sleeves off – then it will be totally awesome again!” A solution for every catastrophe – that’s why she’s my bestie. Throw it out? Buy something new? Oh yes, that’s definitely an option. Hey I am female and I do love to shop… “My name is Audrey, and I’m a shopaholic”. Admission complete. But how can I part with such a beautiful dress? It’s developed it’s own personality over the years, a bit like Kylie’s bum. Unconditionally loyal, it has seen me through boyfriends and breakups, tequila slammers and the porcelain bus. Cheers and tears – the works. I love me in this dress too and I’m never letting it go. Here’s a thought. I came across this Melbournian bred idea called “buy nothing new”. Tricky and intriguing. Melbourne is often referred to as the fashion capital of the southern hemisphere. Buy nothing new? Outrageous. Impossible. With fashionistas and fabulousness oozing from boutiques across the city? No way. This is why, however, that I, a self-confessed shopping addict, really like the idea: Anyone who knows anything about fashion, appreciates everything about a beautifully tailored, lovingly made, exquisitely embellished item of clothing. And anyone who loves wearing clothes, would surely rather not wear anything mass produced and common. Enter “vintage”. A word that now not only comes before the word “cars”. A word now on many girls lips. A ‘must do’ now on many girls’ wish lists. A trend taking off across the globe because girls care about and respect clothes that have withstood the test of time. Gossip Girl girls wear vintage. Kate Middleton wears vintage. Mandy Moore wears vintage. Beyoncè wears vintage (ok it’s Chanel and we can’t all afford that). Loads of celebs are mixing it up – it’s the way to do it now if you want to express who you are and wear something totally original. The challenge of buying nothing new, even for just one month is one of the most exciting and creative adventures a girl can embark on for her wardrobe. Challenging because you have to go on a treasure hunt and it takes time (remember time?). It’s not the fifteen minute trip you take to your fave designer store on your lunch break. It’s not the five minute click frenzy when the boss isn’t looking and you order something gorgeous. It’s an actual process – an excursion for your often underused imagination. It may involve specific alterations and a trip to the dry cleaner, but there is no doubting the freedom and originality a vintage treasure hunt will inspire in a girl who loves her clothes. If you haven’t tried vintage clothing and you haven’t had that “I love you in that dress” moment, then try it. Your wallet will thank you, your sense of adventure will thank you, your ego will thank you, the planet will thank you (for recycling) and your friends will admire you. Here’s a quiz. Pick your favourite statement: “Oh, I love that dress, I saw it advertised” “I love that dress, is it Scanlon?” * “I love that dress, I almost bought it yesterday” “I love that dress, where on earth did you get it, you look amazing and hot and original and I can tell you have real imagination!” The latter is my favourite response. A response often reserved for somebody wearing a vintage stunner. (And, honestly, as a lover of fashion and shopping, I can cope with any of the above compliments, you’ve got to take what you can get, right?) Check out for clothes that have withstood the test of time. Deluxe vintage made lovingly decades ago. * “Dear Scanlon, we LOVE Scanlon!”
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