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Beautiful Images

I am a amateur photographer and a SAHM mum of 4 children. My blog displays my photos, I share my thoughts about life and my family through my writing and my photography. I have challenged myself to a 365 day photo challenge where I will post a photo everyday. Follow me to see if I can do it!!


That one quarter of the population of Australia come from hundreds of different cultural backgrounds makes Australia one of the most multicultural countries on earth. MyLifeInOz want to give you the opportunity to share your story about multiculturalism on this scale works in reality for you! How do you live ‘your’ culture in Australia? Does the community you live in accept you and your cultural practices? How do you integrate into Australian culture? What is Australian culture? What are the challenges of living with two cultures? Are you seen as an individual or as a member of an ethnic community? Does anyone recognise the contribution you make to this country? What is that contribution? What are your aspirations and how are they being met? “…We don’t all need to be the same to be Australian, that Australia by definition we are a land of migrants, and all the different colours and melting pots is a good thing and that makes a better people and a better society.” (S. Carland) The chief aim of this website is to provide you with a platform of expression so that your life and contribution in Australia can be better understood and appreciated by those who read your story, and in turn that you would be given the opportunity to discover more about your neighbours and their story.

AllGo Productions, Business advice for a great new year

This blog is to help and inform business in the Australasia area, about developments in Information Technologies and strategies to grow their business. Supported by experienced business people who have your interest at heart.

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Mabuhay Therapeutic Massage - Quakers Hill, Sydney Australia

Professional Massage to Relieve Stress, Shoulder Pain, Stiff Neck, Back Pain, Tennis Elbow Pain, Migraine, Sciatic Pain and Promotes Relaxation located at Quakers Hill, Sydney Australia. Other services includes Acupressure, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Natural Beauty Massage and Sports Injuries Massage. In our blog we talk about anything about massage and other associated alternative health practices such as reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxation. Feel free to comment on our articles or submit your own articles. Note that submissions of comments and articles are thorougly screened.

Fitness Holiday Asia

Fitness Holiday Asia is a provider of fitness holidays. Read our blog about fitness, weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Adventure Australia

The Australian scientific, cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs. Current activities and happenings in Australia. Keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs! Get a view on the news. Blog also contains Funny Animal Photos.

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Extra-Ordinary Living!

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champers in the other, body dirty, sunburnt, wrinkled and thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "Yah Hoo, Whatta Ride!"


Life, fashion, food, style, conversation and interesting little things. Smaggle is like having a chat with your girlfriends on a Saturday night... but then you all got too drunk and started talking smut and decided it’s a good idea to show each other your nipples. We’re a gorgeous community of supportive, intelligent and feisty writers and readers. Here at Smaggle you’ll get free speech, inspiration, dirty talk, brain food, eye candy and intelligent discussion. It’s kind of like the 60s but with iPhones.

Plumeria Coastal Home

Plumeria Coastal Home is where The Caribbean meets The Whitsundays meets Waikiki. We source quality, unique and luxurious coastal home wares from around the world. From Noosa to the Bahamas and from Oahu to the Caribbean, we strive to source new and exciting stylish accessories to make your house a home. We are located in Sydney's Eastern Beaches and deliver all over Australia If you've been looking for the style, luxury and relaxation of a coastal interior, then you've arrived Plumeria Coastal Home.

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Miss is your go to destination for daily updates on all things lifestyle. Not Going Home is your instant VIP pass to my personal opinion and researched recommendations. Think of me as your big sister! Have a question? Don’t be shy – just ask!

Mother's Nature

A light-hearted look at being a mother, maintaining your sanity and keeping your identity whilst remembering everyone's stuff.

Animal Care in St Ives

Animal Care in St Ives is a blog that brings together groups and businesses from the local St Ives community. It aims to create a central resource for people with pets in St Ives


Daily insight from a mama taking steps towards a more sustainable, compassionate and conscious life. Because going eco is logical.

theBlogger - first lips news

The AIM of this project is to provide an opportunity to those, who write, create and want to be heard directly. With the century of technology reaching its momentum, blogs not only turn out to be the niche of personal space, but also a power equivalent to yellow press. The beginning of stories and news does not come from the way journalist writes or editors view. The source of stories is YOU. Why us? We continuously monitor all blogs and choose the best of the best, so that a random reader would notice your entry, become a permanent reader, and then perhaps a writer of their news? WITH ONLY ONE SUCCESSFUL ARTICLE ON THE BLOGGER YOU WILL BECOME FAMOUS.

Real Life Stories

Coming from the perspective of a wife and working Mum of three; Real Life Stories is about promoting and celebrating our everyday and ordinary lives as already significant, as opposed to the the messages that our image laden culture wants to send us - that who we are and what we own are never enough. Real Life Stories peels away the airbrushing and editing to reveal that our lives can be messy, challenging, and enriching and they don't have to look like that they come out of a glossy magazine. This blog uses my real life stories as an example, where I contemplate "Lessons from Life", "Lessons from Children", "Hurdles and Round-abouts", and "Everyday Gifts" as categories. The first two categories are obvious, Hurdles and Roundabouts, are about my personal challenges, but I suspect that mine are common to many people also; Everyday gifts, is along the lines of a gratitude journal, celebrating the special in everyday moments, not just the big 'ta-das!' of life, encouraging me, and hopefully you, not just to live in the moment, but to enjoy the moment in-spite of our nagging 'To-do' Lists. I would love you to come and visit, and help start some discussion, about the things that really matter in our short lives.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT & SHOPPING has information on Australian destinations, Camping Sites, Camping Information, Camping Tips, Australian National Parks, Australian Outback Tracks, Camping Equipment. We promote Australia to the world wide web through our website. Based on Camping Equipment, our website also provides a SHOPPING section where customers can purchase :- Music, DVD's, Kindles, Kindle Books, Electronic Equipment, Auto Spare Parts, Online Pharmacy, Pet Prescriptions, Cameras, TV's, Laptops, Bicycles, Games, Toys, RV Equipment, Health & Beauty Products from our affiliated companies.

Property Experts Blog

We are Australia’s leading independent advisory group for property buyers. Our business began in 2007 to help people realise their financial potential and achieve a long-term affluent lifestyle through successful property purchases. We believe that education is key to buying successfully and the right education is the foundation of a truly successful investor and a happy and successful homebuyer. Our Property Academy is dedicated to transforming buyers into property buying experts. It has been the catalyst for many homebuyers and investors who are on their way to securing a rewarding lifestyle through property. Like them, you too can learn why it is important to enter the market sooner and not later as well as a multitude of other facts and industry tricks and tactics that can make you a clever buyer and save you thousands of dollars. AllianceCorp is the industry leader in property education. Designed to showcase the practical side to the theories we teach, our property market tours and workshops are an excellent way to sample our knowledge, experience and quality service. They are interactive and extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to enter the property market as a homebuyer or to anyone wanting to start or build on their portfolio as an investor.

Buyers Agent Guide

Looking for a Buyers Agent, Buyers Advocate or Buyers Broker for real estate property in Australia? Then you have found the #1 Buyers Agent resource site providing you with information on what a Buyer's Agent is, to how they can help you find the right property for you.


Mamayali (AKA Nyree Yali) is a jewellery maker based in Tasmania's Huon Valley, with a focus on using quality materials such as sterling silver, Swarovski crystals & pearls and semiprecious stones. This blog follows Nyree's journey as she develops new skills, works with new materials and produces one-of-a-kind pieces. You can buy online from & see her Facebook page at

Gold Cup 2011 - Sydney Polo Club

Did you know that Polo is the oldest team sport in existence, with the first matches being played in Persia over 2500 years ago! Polo is alive and well in Australia today, and it's not just for the rich and famous. Sydney Polo Club will open the gates to Peter and Rebecca Higgins’ exclusive, privately owned polo estate when it hosts it’s annual Polo Tournament, The Gold Cup on the 23rd of October, 2011 at Richmond NSW. The Sydney Polo Club is situated on the spectacular Hawkesbury River only 50 mins from Sydney CBD. Everyone is welcome to this fun and excitement packed family day. General admission is $10 per car or buy tickets to the VIP enclosure! Go to for full details. On tournament days white marquees grace the sidelines of The Celebrity field. The Gold Cup provides a unique and decidedly chic venue for meeting up with old friends and making new contacts. As a result of the partnerships we have built with car clubs from all over Australia, row upon row of vintage and classic cars line the fields. The Sydney Gold Cup provides something for the entire family, including jumping castles, face painting, balloons and more to ensure our younger polo fans enjoy the day as much as the adults. The Sydney Gold Cup day begins at 10.30am with the first of 3 finals being played on The Celebrity Field. Hundreds of horses arrive on semi-trailers, and the sidelines are a hive of activity as horse grooms and players make the final preparations for the game. Horses are brushed, tacked up and look immaculate in readiness for the game, and the air is heavy with anticipation. No other sport in the world unites fine sportsmanship with the prestige, glamour and incomparable excitement of polo. Please come and join us, experience the mastery and skill of the world's fastest ball sport. Relax with friends and family under the trees and enjoy being part of this unique event. Regards Rebecca
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