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Tech and the City

A quirky look at how technology is changing our lives, work, and the rules for everyday behaviour.

Starting an Australian Web Design Business

Mathew Patterson's blog about starting up a web design business in Sydney, Australia. Plans, schemes, dream, hits and misses.

Mathew Patterson's

Mathew Patterson's personal website - Sydney based web designer on the blog about online and offline business, travel, funny stuff. Now with whole grain and low GI.

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Electron Soup

Electron Soup casts a critical eye over the media (both traditional and emergent), as well as online culture and digital freedom issues.

Servant of Chaos

branding and the need for a good story.

fuzzy directions - the blog of

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Miles' Blog

Miles Burke's thoughts and ramblings on the web industry, small business, marketing and design.


A rambly collection of odds, sods, passions and pictures by an ageing Lefty film person obsessed by writing.

sorrow at sills bend

much cheerfuller than it sounds, no really

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Media Dragon

A Bohemian infomaniac blogging in Sydney about iron ceilings, irony and much more. Inside the cyberspace, we are all winners as blogs provide a filter against information overload. The real glory is being knocked to your knees by information overload and then coming back.

Lyric Of The Day

Not because I like or hate the music or lyrics

Breakfast Bytes

Every few months, the crew at Hill & Knowlton Australia get so excited about an issue that we can't keep it to ourselves. That's when we hold one of our legendary, open, Breakfast Bytes seminars. They're hectic, topical and a whole lot of fun. Everyone's there

Crash Test Kitchen

Video podcast by Waz and Lenny, a couple of foodies with a digital video camera. No, we're not chefs, we just love to cook, eat, drink, and have a laugh! You won't find any of that

Daryl Cook

Observations and random thoughts about business, technology and life as I see it!

Golf in Melbourne

A blog dedicated to Golf in Melbourne. Melbourne is the world

What's New at Eastern Regional Libraries

Discover events, new books, cds, dvds and publishing news at this suburban Melbourne public library blog.

Shane's Place - Shane Williamson's murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile interests.

Shane's Place is Shane Williamson's Blog on murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile & wireless interests. Also discusses interesting aspects of Web 2.0 that have interactions with the mobile world.

Mainfram Reality

Mainfram Reality is an online blog owned by Edin Mustajbegovic, owner and chief architect of Mainfram Innovations. It contains general programming articles, software downloads, general info about Edin, etc.

The Oz Wine Show

An Australian wine podcast featuring wine related news, reviews and interviews.

Aussie in France

I moved to France from Australia in August 2005 with my Albanian husband. Here are my thoughts and experiences about settling into French life.
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