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Retire Young and Wealthy

I am an Australian living in Tokyo. My blog is about how I plan to build wealth through property and internet marketing.


I'm an academic in Australia. I teach English Education and my research interests include new literacies, digital fiction, fan fiction, blogging, identity, pop culture, computer games, systemic linguistics, feminism and young people online.

One Village

The blog of a business that loves Skype

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Half Man Half Shark

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

David Jacobson's External Insights

Blog about business management, business planning, decision making, governance, ethics, project management, knowledge management and risk management for Australian businesses

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A Uni student blogging from Sydney, Australia

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Life In Chippendale

In which we bang on about landmarks, eyesores, politics, controversies, incidents, events, people, restaurants, pubs, shops, development, urban history and anything else affecting the south Sydney area, or anything or anywhere else...


This is basically just the ramblings that make up my life. From photography, to technology, music and whatever else pops into my head.

Mike Seyfang's MSN Space

Mike Seyfang's personal blog. Started just before I finished a 25year career in IT. I was working for Microsoft at the time.

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LearnDog PUP Conversation - pre startup Aussie based Not for Profit

LearnDog will help kids through recognition of their vocational skills.

Nik Cubrilovic

Blog by Australian entrepreneur Nik Cubrilovic

Living in Brisbane

Rantings of a 20 something year old guy living in brisbane writing about clubs and bars as well as general brisbane issues and much more

Lee's Better Communication Results

Lee is recognised as one of Australia's leading thinkers on business communication strategy in an online world

Art News Blog

Art news and reviews by an Australian artist covering local and world events.

Zookoda Blog

A blog all about Zookoda - the FREE email marketing solution specifically designed for BLOGGERS!

Australian Technology and IP Business

information about Australian technology and intellectual property laws for businesses

Wealthy Online Women

WOW is a blog aimed at women who work online or who want to learn how to create an online business.

SplaTT's Blog

A collection of random ramblings on technology, marketing, culture and all things geek...

Corporate Engagement

Comments the changing media and PR world from a Sydney professional
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