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A-League of their own

A less than serious look at the all-new Australian football league, possibly the only competition in the world that has a frisbee for a trophy. Part of the Real Life News blog community.

Tasmania's Journal of Discovery explores all aspects of Australia's island state

Leatherwood Online

Tasmania's Journal of Discovery explores all aspects of Australia's island state

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Deadly Bloody Serious

Garth Kidd is deadly serious about many things.


Personal blog of an Australian medical student living in Melbourne.

Bila + Design

Australian design , objects, design, ideas and quite often - museums

Sponsored links - Following the life of a Perth lad in Korea

I'm David, a twenty-something year old currently working overseas as an English teacher. I'm originally from Perth, Western Australia, but decided a new direction in life was the way to go and have been in South Korea since the end of 2004.

funkwit - mind the crap.

Veracity or Mendacity? You decide...

Subjective ramblings of a Sydney woman - her thoughts and her life, including depression and size acceptance.

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Nothing much of interest.


Australian web designer/developer.

Blob - the blog of David N Wallace (aka Dave the Lifekludger)

This is the personal blog of David N Wallace (aka Dave the Lifekludger). He talks about anything that pops into his head really - beetroot, funeral music, disability, stuff he finds interesting on the net, community, empowerment, off-beat conceptual musings on emerging technology....that kinda thing.

MODE: Museums, Objects, Design, Exhibitions

An Australian blog about museums, design and everything in between.


NobleDentist informs people about dental health issues.

G'day Mate (Mk III)

This blog is a joint exercise by two brothers - Peskie and Ozguru - who both live DownUnder (or UpOver depending on your perspective. We work together because we have so much in common: Ozg is into Macs and Unix. Peskie is into PCs and Windows. Ozg lives in Sydney, Peskie lives in Canberra.

Kazza the Blank One

Inbetween Days

I'm a 24-year-old fun-loving, creative, happy Melbournian girl, mummy to furbabies Blackie and Tripod and partner to my gorgeous boy, Miles. I work as an editor and devote my spare time to my family and my three favourite passions: scrapping, mag-reading and taking care of myself health-wise!

Phillbo's Blog Site

Rambling On...

The mumbo jumbo ramblings of CC: Female, Scorpio, saved and rescued, calls Sydney, Australia home.
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