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The Howard years in retrospect

If the party in power tries to drive an agenda too far from the very centre, the electorate will react by throwing them out. The natural politics of Australia includes

PETER Costello pulls the plug with a bombshell

Trolling through the news media, it seems that today is an especially good day for metaphors.From the left field, like a house on fire, came a bolt out of the blue that left us all breathless. Peter Costello is not going to nominate himself for Liberal Party leadership, although he has been waiting in the wings, toying with it for years ()fortunately in private).

Wall to wall labor in australia

Of the specious arguments that the Liberals have presented as to why we should vote for them is the plaintive cry

France 2007

The unofficial, artificial blog for Rugby World Cup 2007

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Cricket Information

Daily posts covering the doings of and events surrounding the Australian cricket team.
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