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As an alternative Australian online business directory, dLook is differentiating their directory product by allowing users to define their search range by kilometre radius, request multiple anonymous quotes from suppliers, allowing businesses to display discount coupons and providing advertisers with a lower cost alternative to the existing online directory offerings.

product-sales equals junk

a blog commenting on what is good and bad in marketing

The Inspiration Room

A short collection of some of the finest advertising, graphic design, photography and illustration from Australia and the world.


I'm shit at writing these, so how about you come to your own conclusion.

The Jason Recliner

Marketing and advertising bits and pieces from the reclining armchair of Sydney


Blogging on a hopelessly broad range of issues

Bland Canyon

Life in the fast aisle - ravings and whingeing from a 25 year old Adelaide girl who spends way too much surfing the internet and watching TV (not to mention the supermarket)

Puce Attack

General advertising and life ranting with nudity.

.roblog. beige in a sea of grey

Golfer, gamer, geek and dad. Now that sounds interesting doesn't it?
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