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ACT & NSW Camping

Follow our camping adventures to campsites that are free or low cost and pet friendly in the southern part of New South Wales. We will include photos and where possible GPS locations for the sites.

Bush Out

Anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Howard and anti-Blair. Pro peace and love and happiness.


Bilegrip attempts to examine the minutiae of life for evidence of a positive transformation of the human species. We also show no mercy to the right wing, verbally deep-frying them in the fat of their contemptuous, anti-social and anti-evolutionary selfishness.

Belongum's Blog

A place to empty a frequently full head, for an ex-alot-of-things type of fella, who at some points in his life had been an electrician, a soldier, a sailor, a youth worker etc - and who has ALWAYS been - a proud Aussie of both Bardi and Irish descent. He is also a newly promoted 'Dad'. He's a work at home fella now - engaged in supporting Indigenous communties in the bush. This makes for an extremely real and interesting life, as he's of an Aboriginal community that still practices it's culture, and as such he often get's caught in that place, smack bang in the middle of our two 'worlds'.

The View from Elsewhere

I'm a drifting Gen-Xer and policy researcher living at the intersection of several deserts with 3 cats.
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