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KayB's Cakes

Weekdays I’m a marketing and publicity assistant, weekends I’m a cake decorating enthusiast. After graduating University I developed the post-graduation hobby of baking. Self taught (thus far), my first cake was a ‘1 up mushroom’ cake for my younger brothers 18th birthday. This blog follows my adventures in cake decorating and recipe development, plus other foodie adventures - Recipes for Australians

Mouth watering recipes from all over the world that are simple, light on your wallet, quick and easy to make!

Got a Childs birthday or looking for a new dessert for that special dinner party? Try something new, provides recipes, business listings and even directions of where to find someone where to have an Ice Cream cake made.

sucking my lolly since 1977

a lot of talk about birthday cakes from the 1960s-1980s, kittens and the occasional lewd thought about boys. OH YEAH and I live in Japan, but I am from Melbourne!

a blog o' blah


Born and raised in a coal shed in the North of England, my earliest memories are of playing with the family whippet (my only friend!) and eating nowt but gravel.'Twas a hard life but we was happy. In June 2005, lured by the promise of lemon trees, parrots and a thing called

The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

Mental meanderings of an English girl living in Australia.
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