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The InterChange Desk

Career change and Job search advice for the transitioning worker

I want to help people to find out who they are and do all that they can with themselves.

Career Communique Live

FREE Weekly teleseminars and posts featuring empowering topics and expertise to unleash your true potential toward a career that you love!

University Page

Career resources for Australian Undergraduates

Job and Interview Advice

A guide to getting that dream job. How to apply, interview questions and build your skills to improve yourself in the employment market.

Jennie's Palette

Fresh artwork, works in progress, news, reviews and views on the art world from the perspective of award winning figurative artist, Jennie Rosenbaum.

Other interests: pursuing your passion

A Brisbane lawyer talks about career change, passion, motivation and other interests

Job and Interview Advice

Job Tuition is here to provide assistance in gaining your dream job. Currently the site is focussing on applications, cover letters and how to prepare for interviews.
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