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Diary of a House Sitter and Traveller

Di has been a house sitter and enjoys travelling. She has been an English Teacher (ESL) in China and South Korea, and in 2012/13 she drove solo around Australia for five months. She hosts overseas students for English lessons, and other visitors through 5W - Women Welcome Women World Wide. This blog is a collection of regular stories focusing on travel and photography.

Eco News

Eco News provides “as it happens” news articles, from an Australian perspective. Make it your daily source of environmental information. It is free to subscribe.


A Futuristic Vision of Western Australia covering technology, climate change, policy, transport and infrastructure.


Australia through Zhou Xiaosui's eyes. She brings a new perspective to life's ups and downs and a fair bit of wisdeom from her father.

Checking Boxes

queensland couple adopting from china

Beijing Baby!

The life of an young aspiring fashion editor.

Pickled Eel

Travelogue and diary and journal extracts though with other themes creeping in.

What not to do in Australia

Madness and other forms of insanity. Travel, humour, photographs and fucked up recipes. Go there now. You need it.

The Sun Shines & the Igloo melts

Black & White Street & Documentary Photoblog by an Australian expatriate travelling around Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong & the World.
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