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Legally Certified

These are the ramblings of a law student at Bond University on the Gold Coast. My goal is to ridicule everything and everyone, including myself. Sometimes I post about personal topics, sometimes I don't ... who am I kidding

Ms Batville

A resident of Melbourne, Australia in her 30s who is passionate about life, the city, lemon cheesecake, music and Warner Brothers films of the 1930s and 40s.

semaphore junction

Light entertainment. General news, rail and gay related articles. Photography and cafe reviews and other info about what's happening here there and everywhere

3 Blind Mice and a Sister-in-Law

The ramblings of a law student at Bond University - where it is socially exceptable if not mandatory to be heavily dependant on caffine and alcohol. Life is great.

Cafenation Blog


A girl a guy and a cat eating stuff around Sydney Australia, then writing about it

Reviewing Coffee in Melbourne

A Melbournian view of coffee everywhere I travel


It's all about the journey not the destination.
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