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Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator. Consultant

Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator.Consultant.

Every day is a blog post. Some link to blogs as part of Digital
Parents Australia. More relate to Denyse Whelan’s experience & expertise as teacher of children aged between 5 and 12, a
Primary School Principal. N.S.W. Schools and English as a Second Language Teacher (adults & children).


business consultant

Provides professional business mentor services to small and medium businesses. The business blog contains more information along with tips and contact details.

Testing Times

Testing Times is an independent software testing service that delivers proven, personal and cost-effective software testing services.

Mike Seyfang's MSN Space

Mike Seyfang's personal blog. Started just before I finished a 25year career in IT. I was working for Microsoft at the time.


Don't be fooled by overly-positive Amazon books reviews. Business book summaries and reviews by a management consultant based in Sydney, Australia.
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