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Knitting Box

All Things Scrapbooking

All Things Scrapbooking - a scrappers blog covering anything and everything in regards to scrapbooking.

sheeps clothing - news from the flock

news and views from the creators of the Sheeps Clothing range of pure wool hand knitted accessories.

Quilt Fabric Delights

An eclectic blog of my crafting and business adventures.

The Birds & The Beads

Im a Lampwork Beadmaker, making art glass beads in Western Sydney, blogging about bead making as well as my birds, gardens and whatevers going on now - come for the verbage, stay for the beads.


sweet bits and pieces to wander through

Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming

Illustration, craft, vintage goodness

whizzme - handmade goodness

all the crafty stuff I get up too, books I read and all the mistakes I make along the way.


craft blog maintained by an eccentric, gin drinking, teacup collecting, bartending lady.....
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