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The Australian scientific, cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs. Current activities and happenings in Australia. Keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs! Get a view on the news. Blog also contains Funny Animal Photos.

Stuart Edwards' New World Order Resistance Blog

The agenda for a global government, the truth behind the lies in the mainstream media, the depopulation agenda, the carbon tax scam, humans do not cause global warming, mankind does not cause global warming, bilderberg, trilateral commission, CFR, Obama, Sustainable Development, Water, Fluoridation, fluoride, Vaccines, poisons in vaccines, dumbing down, predictive programming, NLP, debasing humanity, Illuminati agenda, Banksters, Engineered financial collapse


This blog is a window into the crowded mind and home of a Sydney based artisan designer of textiles for the home. It covers all that interests,inspires and disgusts me...not in equal measure however. I will always answer comments and look forward to reading other blogs.
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