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Jack Of All trades - Nathan Huppatz eCommerce

Jack of All Trades is a personal blog, discussing current topics on ecommerce, search engine marketing and optimisation, online sales channels, hints, tips and more.

The girl and the bird

An inspirational journey of my vintage finds and creations. See how I transform vintage and garage sales furniture finds. An online story of my travels to find all things vintage and to create a beautiful home.


This blog is a way of sharing the highs and lows of a small internet business ,working with junk, repuposing, and some original creations thrown in! Im a visual Merchandiser, commercial artist, and daydreamer! My experiences in retail, management and home business, have taken me on this journey, and allow me to be creative and hunt for the best junk!

Jack Of All Trades

Personal blog about eBay, being a large eBay powerseller, web entrepeneur and more.


A how-to guide for online shopping based on my own experiences. Tips, tricks, advice, scams to avoid, you name it.

Make Money Selling on eBay

Helpful tips to help make money selling on ebay

Secrets to eBay

eBay Seller Advice. Learn how to create your own successful eBay selling business. eBay Selling Success SECRETS Blog
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