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Hi, I'm christopher, from christopher copywriter, your professional business copywriter, tap..tap..tapping away the past 9 years, from the heart of Sydney, Australia. To give you an unfair advantage, I'm understanding your business copywriting needs and writing to set new standards to drive your business or company marketing and advertising success in - copywriting and public relations.


How did you decide you wanted to whiten your teeth? However you decided,what do you need to consider before you start? Dentistsecrets aim to show you that tooth whitening is not always easy as you may think. Some teeth are not suitable for whitening and some tooth whitening treatments may simply not work Dentistsecrets publications cover this and many more important dental questions These publications are where you can find information about dentistry that your dentist may not want you to know. These publications can be found at

Rebecca James

mother of four boys writes about the joys of being a less-than-perfect parent, books, writing and the sometimes excruciating journey to publication....
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