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A Futuristic Vision of Western Australia covering technology, climate change, policy, transport and infrastructure.

OpenPolitik - open source politics, economics and communication

A blog by Sam Granleese with news and discussion around open source politics, economics and open communication. With two main focus points: creating efficient government through innovation and open collaboration, and promoting open communication in politics, society and business.

Tom Spencer consulting blog

An evolving perspective on management consulting, business strategy and investing.

John Barrdear


heterodox musings from a whiggish perspective

Awake and Alert

Awake and Alert is an interactive blog dedicated to discussing political and economic issues from across Australia and around the world.

Hyperidian Bannerman

personal observations on the political, social and scientific happenings within Australian society and Internationally

Commentary on politics, society and current affairs.

think mojo

An Australian ex-pat in London trying to make sense of the place. He also talks about economics, international development and business.
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