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Younique wealth

Great gold savings plans, and the freedom and understanding of what wealth creation is. Awesome payment plan and payout


Blogging on small government, freedom of speech, cvil rights, empowerment

We gain security but lose our freedom.

Consensual paranoia imprisons us in our own delusional fears thereby incapacitating and debilitating us.

Dodgy Press

Politics Australian Greens Labor Liberals Media Laws Aboriginal Muslims Privacy Freedom Citizens Australians

Freedom to Differ

A blog that speaks freely about legal issues facing the media and the internet

The High Seas

I want to sail around oz, this blog is my journey from now until launch date and beyond. I'll be blogging about sailing and about how I'm going about generating a passive income, and just general thoughts on life.

Media Dragon

A Bohemian infomaniac blogging in Sydney about iron ceilings, irony and much more. Inside the cyberspace, we are all winners as blogs provide a filter against information overload. The real glory is being knocked to your knees by information overload and then coming back.
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