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Medieval (K)nights

A great day out for this stunning region of the Gers here in South West France- Medieval histrory and a chance to understand the local psyche of the 'Gersoise' people. Altogether fascinating and great fun too, not to mention the most unusual meal of a medieval nature with unusual ingredients.

Our French Impressions

A taste of France from around the world, virtually... Find restaurants, shops, wine and wine shops that supply French inspired food, wine, objects, in France, Australia, New Zealand and USA primarily. Get travel tips, information on architectural landmarks and more

Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs of Opalguard

Dedicated breeders and successful exhibitors of Australian and International Champion and Multi-Award winning Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs.

Est 1989.

Please visit our website for photos, pedigrees and up-to-date news about us and our dogs.


Australian decorative artist blog including Artshu designed paintings, vintage hat box collection, vintage Avon Beauty Dust collection, Chick Flick reviews, Culinary Delights recipes. Interesting bits and pieces and ramblings. Monthly giveaways and freebies.

Single Bilingual

An Aussie aesthetic athlete learning French and looking for love.


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From Sand to Snow

An Australian living in Montreal, grinning at their inability to handle heat, droppin a tear at my own for handling -40.
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