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Real Life Stories

Coming from the perspective of a wife and working Mum of three; Real Life Stories is about promoting and celebrating our everyday and ordinary lives as already significant, as opposed to the the messages that our image laden culture wants to send us - that who we are and what we own are never enough. Real Life Stories peels away the airbrushing and editing to reveal that our lives can be messy, challenging, and enriching and they don't have to look like that they come out of a glossy magazine.


The inspiring 'happiness project' blog of an ex-Olympic athlete, updated daily as she navigates her way through the highs and lows of mothering two young boys. The blog includes a daily gratitude journal, the Gratitude 365 Project, and a weekly philanthropy project, The Five Dollar Philanthropist. The theme of bepositivelyhappy centres around the basic premise that if you want to be happy you need to set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. It centres around the idea that we create our own happiness.

Managing Moments on Life's Journey

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen's blog about mindfulness and her observations on how to apply it to life.

Managing Moments on Life's Journey

Articles about mindfulness and Charlotte's observations on applying it to life.

The Secret

All about Law of Attraction experience, praticing, learning, methods, shared here

Change Your Life with a Gratitude Diary

An attitude of gratitude will dramatically change your life, takes only 5 minutes a day - and it's FREE.
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