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Chris is a 29 year old writer from Melbourne Australia.

The Seditionist


green, environment

Down to Earth

simple living, organic gardening, aquaponics, home, green cleaning, baking, preserving, cooking, frugal living, thrift

In the raw: learning to be a raw food vegan

Raw food lifestyle and recipes, veganism, ethics, animal rights, green consumerism, weight loss, diet

Living Simply Living

my blog about making changes to be more eco friendly, to consider the environment in my life and choices, to blog about my garden and projects along the way, to share my op shop scores and more :)

Daharja Online

Downshifting Diva!

Zencookbook Blog

A healthy diet that reduces cancer, all things healthy and ecologically friendly and green.


A bit of serious fun, a bit of funny observation, and not too highbrow. Perfect!

Consumption Rebellion

All about how I will meet my personal challenge of not buying anything brand new for a year. Wish me luck!
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