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The Howard years in retrospect

If the party in power tries to drive an agenda too far from the very centre, the electorate will react by throwing them out. The natural politics of Australia includes

Wall to wall labor in australia

Of the specious arguments that the Liberals have presented as to why we should vote for them is the plaintive cry

Federal Election: Share your thoughts

Check out this great blog on the website regarding the election.

The Orstrahyun

The Orstrahyun blog will tell you what's going on in Australian politics, society, entertainment...when we feel like it. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes daily.

Make Howard History

political state of play.


Satirical spin on the world, news, politics and entertainment.


An Australian 'Berra blog on public policy, politics, attitudes & behaviours with a digital influence.


ridiculous Australian news, history and rumours from Hornsby.

Bush Out

Anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Howard and anti-Blair. Pro peace and love and happiness.

101 uses for a John Howard

Even Prime Minister John Howard has got to retire sometime. Our mission is to give something to back by making 101 suggestions for what he can go and do with himself when he finally does.
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