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Lilly's Life

Lilly's Life is a blog for anyone with a sense of humor and who enjoys the funny moments in everyday situations.

Porky's Place

Mens' rights from the viewpoint of a swine, namely one Porky Domesticus, award-winning food critic and men's rights activist.

The Midnight Ramblings of a Would-Be Renaissance Man

A collection of humorous prose and whatever other absurdities pop into my mind in the small hours of the morning.

Woggy Talkie

Tapping Away in the Middle of the Night

David Scott Aubrey is an anagram of David Scott Aubrey (hey, I suck at anagrams). I write, I draw, I generally fart about. It's fun, sometimes, too, so come and watch!

Mr Bagel

I'm just an average guy, doing average things, hoping to make people smile.

A knee jerk reaction to everyday life

rants centered around my village, Gwynneville, near Wollongong. Occasionaly reasonably funny.

Lame Jokes Inc.

A joke a day (M-F) for the workers

Articles about Life, Love & Last Week's Washing

biograohical essays, articles etc. At times humorous, philosophical and dangerous.

Legally Certified

These are the ramblings of a law student at Bond University on the Gold Coast. My goal is to ridicule everything and everyone, including myself. Sometimes I post about personal topics, sometimes I don't ... who am I kidding
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