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Personal and political from a husband, father and owner of 2 cats.

Awake and Alert

Awake and Alert is an interactive blog dedicated to discussing political and economic issues from across Australia and around the world.

Counteract Now: Where The Right Is Not Right

Personal point of view on current Australian and international social and political matters.

The Freebies Blog

The latest freebies, free stuff, free samples, coupon codes and great deals the internet has to offer. Featuring Australian and Worldwide freebies.

A PhD student of International Relations blogging on Australian and international politics from his new home in Lyon, France.


A snifter of politics, law and personal blogging from an alley in Melbourne somewhere. With cats.

think mojo

An Australian ex-pat in London trying to make sense of the place. He also talks about economics, international development and business.

Gimme Your Stuff

The Cultural Exchange Blog.


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