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Digital Chalkie

Paul Reid: I'm a teacher in Western Australia integrating ICTs across the curriculum. The purpose of Digital Chalkie is to provide a hub for Australian educators using ICT to engage and facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students. The domain name uses the word

Development of Technical Skills for Australian IT Support Professionals

Working, growing and moving up in the technical industry requires a plan, some inspiration and a little perspiration. Once you've landed a great role it's important to determine what you want from it over the next six, twelve and twenty four months. These articles are all about growing your skills, awareness and experience in your technical career. Find out more about our team and programs at

[] I Like To Watch

The blog of Sydney-based IT journalist, Rob Irwin.

Tech and the City

A quirky look at how technology is changing our lives, work, and the rules for everyday behaviour.

Mike Seyfang's MSN Space

Mike Seyfang's personal blog. Started just before I finished a 25year career in IT. I was working for Microsoft at the time.

Deadly Bloody Serious

Garth Kidd is deadly serious about many things.

Kazza the Blank One - weblog

I'm a 30 year old Australian currently living in London, UK. I'm a music loving, technology obsessive, gadget collecting, aircraft enthusiast and science fiction nut who enjoys travel, fine food, good friends and working hard.


News and views about IBM - written by Sim'
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