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art adventures from the inner wild west imaginings of one grrl and her furry four footed muse. Grrl is open and frank, so faint hearted lovers of cute stuff may not like it. This is very fine with grrl, and dog is mostly grumpy about it too in his old age. Come visit me.

Drawn in Light

Here you can explore my current personal photographic excursions. I like to describe Drawn in Light as a kind of sketchbook, chock full of ideas and experiments and happy accidents. The eclectic journal of a fervent photographer, if you like.


Journal, Travel, Politics, Creative Writing, Military, Art, Music

the ramblings of L.M.Noonan artist + writer

painting sculpture photography writing digital art journal

Marketing Blog by Marketing Journal

A marketing blog for all marketing, advertising, branding, sales and business related news, knowledge and other interesting information - with marketing comics.

Change Your Life with a Gratitude Diary

An attitude of gratitude will dramatically change your life, takes only 5 minutes a day - and it's FREE.

Secret Hill

Secret Hill is just my take on living in Australia. I am a transplanted 'Pom', living in the forested hills just outside Perth. This is a complete change of lifestyle for me and I am trying to document my days.

Confessions of a Serial Dancer

These are the confessions of a serial dancer. News, advice, tips & tricks, and rants about all things dance and non-dance related.

Single Bilingual

An Aussie aesthetic athlete learning French and looking for love.
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