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Left Focus is a progressive Australian blog of the 'broad left'. We welcome contributions with Green, socialist, social-democratic, left liberal, and libertarian left perspectives. Supportive and critical commentary are also welcome. (but no trolling) Please feel welcome to discuss the posts, or submit your own posts for consideration by the Moderator.

Wall to wall labor in australia

Of the specious arguments that the Liberals have presented as to why we should vote for them is the plaintive cry

Labor View from Broome

A forum for those who feel that it is time to change the government in Australia. An old Labor view with a current agenda.

Dodgy Press

Politics Australian Greens Labor Liberals Media Laws Aboriginal Muslims Privacy Freedom Citizens Australians

Decomposing Trees

Politics and music as seen and heard from the southwest suburbs of Sydney

Commentary on politics, society and current affairs.


Dedicated to documenting government waste.


A progressive perspective from Perth on matters political (be they state, national or world) and the media.
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