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The Road Most Travelled

22 years old, moving quickly to Normalville. Who wants a hubby, two kids and a white picket fence? I do!

Vernicious Knids

A blog from Tokyo, Japan with random musings and snapshots about life, love, travel and everything in between...

Wayne Mansfield Blog

There are few real innovators in the internet - Wayne Mansfield is one. As a pioneer of internet marketing, he is now setting new standards in blog publishing and passive income creativity

Singular Scene

Musings on a Singular Life

Erns' Thoughts

My almost daily look into the bible, and my thoughts on a passage. Also includes random going on in my life, as well as Random Top 5 shoutout for things that might or might not be interesting...

I Fucking Hate You

The ravings of an insane twenty-something male with too much time on his hands

Free Beer

Marketing and the virtual world of Second Life

Wot the Biscuit sez

Second Life blog of biscuit carroll

Kitchen Connection

G'day! Pull up a chair! Join me at the kitchen table for a chat...let's toss a few thoughts around about the state of this crazy but wonderful world we inhabit. There's lots to discuss! Make yourself comfortable! Would you like a glass of wine?

It's a Mystery

Personal blog of a 22 year old girl living in Melbourne, Australia. Focusing on life, culture, art, writing, food, books and whatever else that takes her fancy!
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