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Cynicism in a Hot Dish

nektros - Cynicism in a Hot Dish

The daily blog of an 18-year-old Asian-Australian girl.

Innerspace to cyberspace.

It's My Virtual Soapbox

The blog of an Australian University student. Random thoughts and music about life rule the roost here - pretty much a politics and religion free zone!

Stories of Motherhood

A blog on everyday motherhood experiences. I'm in the process of gathering stories from mothers about their life as a mother, i.e., what's life like for them, housework, sex and relationship with spouse after children, impact of having a child, etc.

Gaijin Girl Strikes Again

An Aussie girl's misadventures in Tokyo.

Belongum's Blog

A place to empty a frequently full head, for an ex-alot-of-things type of fella, who at some points in his life had been an electrician, a soldier, a sailor, a youth worker etc - and who has ALWAYS been - a proud Aussie of both Bardi and Irish descent. He is also a newly promoted 'Dad'. He's a work at home fella now - engaged in supporting Indigenous communties in the bush. This makes for an extremely real and interesting life, as he's of an Aboriginal community that still practices it's culture, and as such he often get's caught in that place, smack bang in the middle of our two 'worlds'.

Cherry Blossom Adventures

An often random and crazy showcase of an Aussie girl's adventures in Japan through writings, photos and pictures and anything else technical she can manage.

This Perth Life

Advice and information for people who want to live in Perth, Western Australia.


The culmination of my thoughts, ponderings and random ravings. Take a glance into my world.
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