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the jonny taise factory

from adelaide, living just out of tokyo


Trashicon : a blog, a zine, a gallary. base in and produced for melbourne


Alot of techno babble, rants and raves. That is what this blog is about. Jokes, adult entertainment, serious stuff will all make an apperance.


It's really just a load of stuff about my family, my life, my city and there's a bit thrown in about things that annoy, amuse or enthrall me, you know, a blog.

Moment to Moment

Finding things to bitch about, then bitching about them.

sushi zume tokyo

tokyo jam packed - one part aussie one part japanese - adventures of an aussie in her tokyo pod with her sweet japanese pea

Half Man Half Shark

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.

Michael Efford's Journal

Esoteric thoughts and photos from a travelling, soul seeking designer.

Blog [dot] Mick's World

Enter the views, thoughts and opinions that is Mick's World.

From Sherbrooke Forest

From the deep dark crooks of Sherbrooke Forest, ideas, rumours and music are filtering through the corridors of urban life.
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