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Australian Dad

I’m going to be the one staying home and looking after bub for the first year, getting up in the night to sort out the regular nightime crap-a-thon, and figure out how to get the little ‘angel’ to sleep. I’m going to be the one learning nursery rhymes, finding play groups and teaching the kids to play with dolls become kick-ass footy players.

Lex Itu

I am a Victorian school student with an exuberant interest in education. I aspire to become a teacher and is taking an interactive approach on the way – being a blogger is part of this. My career goal is derived from a fascination in the way people perceive things and how they interact. I love to analyse, and to explore.

junior mr

Gorgeous photos of the webs hottest men.

St Vincent's Hospital - Male nurses

Male Nursing In New South Wales

Male nurses trained at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst

Manly Obsession

My selection of the hottest males from Australia and around the world!!


Sane, relaxed gay guy in Melbourne, exploring the world of the internet. Also an Apple Mac fanatic.

Everybody Knows

The blog of a 30 something Aussie guy.

Gussy blog

Writing about himself and lifes annoyances and co-incidences, not a typical blog. Still kinda typical though. If you get the drift.
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