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The Taxpayers Party

Australians are pragmatic. If a political party were to enter an election campaign with a real vision for Australia's future, it would need to be able to break that vision down into smaller steps that were achievable, costed and funded. is a space where people like you are free to help create both the goals and the actions that will make Australia the best country to live in on Earth. And since The Taxpayers Party has a very low cost structure, your voice doesn't need to be stifled by vested interest groups.

Left Focus

Left Focus is a progressive Australian blog of the 'broad left'. We welcome contributions with Green, socialist, social-democratic, left liberal, and libertarian left perspectives. Supportive and critical commentary are also welcome. (but no trolling) Please feel welcome to discuss the posts, or submit your own posts for consideration by the Moderator.

The Australian Heroin Diaries

Dairy of an Australian heroin addict living secretly in suburbia and the daily trials of dealing with work, life and money.

Decomposing Trees

Politics and music as seen and heard from the southwest suburbs of Sydney

Ozelaw Australian environmental law blog

Group blog offering news and comment on environmental law in Australia


Wry | Thoughts | Food | Diary | More


A rambly collection of odds, sods, passions and pictures by an ageing Lefty film person obsessed by writing.
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