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ALP Socialist Left Forum

A forum for ideas, strategy and policy for the ALP Left and sympathetic fellow-travellers. From an ALP Left veteran activist of over 20 years. Join in the discussion or even submit your own material for consideration. The publisher (Tristan Ewins) can be contacted via Facebook.

The Taxpayers Party

Australians are pragmatic. If a political party were to enter an election campaign with a real vision for Australia's future, it would need to be able to break that vision down into smaller steps that were achievable, costed and funded. is a space where people like you are free to help create both the goals and the actions that will make Australia the best country to live in on Earth. And since The Taxpayers Party has a very low cost structure, your voice doesn't need to be stifled by vested interest groups.

Stuart Edwards' New World Order Resistance Blog

The agenda for a global government, the truth behind the lies in the mainstream media, the depopulation agenda, the carbon tax scam, humans do not cause global warming, mankind does not cause global warming, bilderberg, trilateral commission, CFR, Obama, Sustainable Development, Water, Fluoridation, fluoride, Vaccines, poisons in vaccines, dumbing down, predictive programming, NLP, debasing humanity, Illuminati agenda, Banksters, Engineered financial collapse

Left Focus

Left Focus is a progressive Australian blog of the 'broad left'. We welcome contributions with Green, socialist, social-democratic, left liberal, and libertarian left perspectives. Supportive and critical commentary are also welcome. (but no trolling) Please feel welcome to discuss the posts, or submit your own posts for consideration by the Moderator.

Confessions of a Perth PsychoCat

Confessions of a Perth PsychoCat is designed to give an alternative take on everything happening in Perth. Whether it be politics, social issues, art or culture, Perth PsychoCat presents to you an alternative view that is rarely, if ever, seen in Western Australia's increasingly notorious one-sided media.

Perth PsychoCat calls it how they see it and pulls no punches. If you want a raw, honest view of what Perth is really like, then look no further.

The Insecure Australian

International relations and security studies from an Australian perspective.

We’re at the pub. What are we talking about?

Imagine we were at the pub chatting, what would we be discussing?

Mind The Gap

A very funny satirical blog about Australian news, current events, politics and entertainment. Sydney's most popular A4 commuter magazine.

Our Notional Capital

We live in Canberra, somebody has to

OpenPolitik - open source politics, economics and communication

A blog by Sam Granleese with news and discussion around open source politics, economics and open communication. With two main focus points: creating efficient government through innovation and open collaboration, and promoting open communication in politics, society and business.
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