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Pop Culture, Poetry and the Modern Condition


An American's funny observations about Oz. Entertaining and informative!

Open Your Eyes

Reviews and mp3 downloads of the latest and greatest in music from across the world. Your one-stop shop for musical knowledge


A pop cultural diatribe with a queer perspective from a Melbourne man and his trusty sidekick Miss Gertie the lady whippet. Expect weekly music reviews, eye candy pics, slanderous comment and loads of other fun bits.

Gimme Your Stuff

The Cultural Exchange Blog.

Random Brainwave

the crack addled ramblings of a psycopathic alcoholic

Stuff n Nonsense

Football,Politics,Kultcha plus stuff

Nelson Clemente's Blog

A guy from Perth, Australia trying to make it in the music industry... and other stuff.

funkwit - mind the crap.

the Pen

The co-authors describe the Pen as a melting pot of perspectives on the many aspects of pop culture, combined with a plateful of political commentary and served with a sprinkling of personal anecdotes. This site is the product of the Rooster
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