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post natal depression

Vibrant Mind Psychology

Vibrant Mind Psychology works with children, teenagers and families. Nicolle Kapustin, Child and Family Psychologist blogs about child psychology and issues facing children and families, such as postnatal depression.

At Home Mums

Take a light hearted look at the issues faced by mums home with the kids. Read some personal views on the challenges of raising children today, and the pressures mums face. Discuss day to day issues and leave your comments and advice.

Lisa and Mini Ginger

Lisa and Mini Ginger began during my pregnancy, it is an open, honest and very personal journey to Motherhood and beyond. Lisa is now Mother to baby Byron aka Mini Ginger, she lives with post natal depression and is passionate about sharing her experience as widely as possible so that others can benefit. The blog includes ideas for loved ones on how to support someone living with post natal depression and Lisa's personal inspiring ideas and strategies for living a full life through the experience of post natal depression.
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