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Jylanization is the blog of 14 year old freelance web designer Jylan Wynne, who lives in Yeppoon, QLD. He posts about his daily life, local area, local news and his business, briter:webdesign.

Presented In Double Vision

PiDV is the product of my ultra-boring single life in the slow lane.

Gold Coast Holiday

My Holiday Blog! Every year our family travels to the Gold Coast in Queensland for our annual holiday. This is my blog about rubber neckin it on the glitter strip!

The Indian Mate

Nikesh Murali is a freelance writer and poet based in Townsville. He blogs about is adventures in Australia from an expat Indian's perspective. Hot and Spicy curries from downunder delivered straight to your doorstep. Staisfaction Guaranteed! THANK YOU & COME AGAIN.

Reading Brisbane

Reading Brisbane is an online community dedicated to the culture that shapes our city.

Mick's World

Enter the world of Mick Real. Once you enter Mick's World you will find information about the many facets of Mick's life. From day to day life to work related and hobby based internet and design topics.

OPAL Training

Keeping library staff up to date with new and emerging technologies.

Alborz Fallah | Blogging Network

The Main network hub of the Alborz Fallah blogging network. A website dedicated to talking about the behind the scenes work involved in running 3 professional blogs, the benefits, the costs and the profits! Based in Australia

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