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The Seditionist

My life

The Cerebral Mum

A blog. By a mum. Who thinks. About everything. Always.

discontent malcontent

Fourth year university student who likes/hates film a bit too much. Many incoherent ramblings.


Blogs ... heard about 'em, but never ever saw one until about 10 minutes ago when I deliberately went looking to see what all the fuss was about. Always wanted to write in order to make people laugh or cry ... but when I sit down to do it, I always get stuck on the starting phrase

Spatula City

Published by a 28 year old manboy (cleverly disguised as a responsible adult), he figures it's just easier to hate you rather than find a reason to like you.

Ben's blog

Website design, web standards, accessibility, usability and other rants.

funkwit - mind the crap.

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